Interview with a guest of Castleevents

One of our Eyes Wide Shut Party guests answers the critical questions of a Spanish journalist. The interview was conducted in the context of an article by the Spanish Lifestyle & Glamor Magazine DT with one of our Gentlemen Premium members ...

1. What fascinated you so much at Castleevents' Eyes Wide Shut Parties that you attended their events? Was not your sex life fulfilling enough to be happy without participating in this kind of practice?

Well, like many others before me, I saw the movie "Eyes Wide Shut," which inspired my fantasies about the theme of a mystical and erotic secret society. I would call my "personal" sex life very satisfying, and with your words fulfilled, but I would never get that kick in the midst of all these people, mixing with them while having sex with my partner.


2. Which of you two took the initiative when the time came to join this community?

I had already participated with different partners, where I usually invited my lovers. It was never difficult to persuade them, but I usually suggested they attend.


3. Was a rigorous selection by Castleevents required to be accepted as a member? Do you think that the organization should be more liberal in choosing new Eyes Wide Shut Party members?

I appreciate people with a certain style and level: well-groomed, beautiful, classic and intelligent. Personally, I personally found the selection process not that difficult. But I think that the selection process should not become more casual and more revealing, because I enjoy being among selected people, a small, more select society.


4. Some people may think that these Eyes Will Shut Parties are elitist, and are nothing more than high-end swingers clubs. Do you agree? If not, what is it that differentiates Castleevents from any other club of its kind?

I have been to different swinger clubs a few times, and some have also been quite elitist. Often it was the case that people, more or less dressed, came in, had a drink and then got down to business fairly quickly. started fucking around. For me, the main difference at Castleevents is the very exclusive venues: castles and five-star hotels that do not seem like a swinger club. This simple fact stimulates my imagination much more! Furthermore, guests at Castleevents are completely disguised with suits, evening dresses, etc., and they are masked! During dinner you only see them disguised and masked! The main part starts here and the fantasies and the expectation continue to grow. Anything is possible after the Welcome Ceremony, however: most of them leave their costumes on and treat each other with respect and sophistication. I have never experienced anything like this in a normal swinger club.


5. Which dress code is followed at the Eyes Wide Shut Parties? Is wearing Venetian masks obligatory? Even with sexual experiences?

The answer to the last question is a clear yes! There are even security guards who enforce the mask rule - I personally like these masks a lot! Regarding the dress code: Everyone is asked to dress classically and elegantly: women in evening dresses or in the "little black dress", men in dark suits, evening suits, in tuxedos, etc. All fetish-like things like paint and leather etc. are strictly forbidden.


6. What did you feel when you first attended one of these events?

I thought it was so good that I have always come back! It was above all the expectations that arose from the time of registration until the event! To be honest, we were not particularly active at our first party, as we were both a bit shy and watched what was happening around us. But the happenings around us were very exciting, fascinating, stimulating and moving for more or less all the senses!

It was a really sensual event!


7. I assume that you are an open-minded couple. Is there any jealousy in your relationship? Do you often talk about it or just before the Eyes Wide Shut Parties?

I participated with the same partner three times, and now with my new partner. And yes, we are - all - very open-minded. With my two partners I talked for a long time about what is and what is not right and how we would like to do it. The main goal was to experience a very positive experience for both. Thus, the rules were balanced and applied to both of us. This led to a very positive experience, so that jealousy could not fall on fertile ground .... I must also admit that I'm not a particularly jealous man personally. But my two partners are a little jealous - maybe for a good reason?


8. Is there any introductory ritual or scheme that needs to be followed at each Eyes Wide Shut Party? I ask, because I've seen on the internet, that you're reading a few paragraphs from books like "Delta of Venus" by Anais Nin.

Yes, there is a ritual, but it is more of a ceremony, right after dinner, to evoke sensuality at the party. Anything is possible after the ceremony ... So far I have not seen any introductory ritual.


9. What do you think about the aesthetics that prevail at the Castleevents meetings? Is not it a bit dark and gloomy? Would you prefer something simpler, less baroque?

Honestly, I do not know anybody who prefers these bright tubes a little candlelight for an erotic and sensual moment. That's why I suppose it's perfectly fine to favor something darker and sometimes gloomy, because it brings us back to the darkness that we experienced in the mother's womb. Is not it where we felt best protected and comfortable? I love the darkened and dark atmosphere. What's more, I need them to let out my inner self, to be able to do among others, which I usually only do in my absolute privacy. And I always prefer it a bit darker and do not bother with a slightly baroque style.


10. Who has the say at the Eyes Wide Shut Parties: the men or the women? And you as a couple, are you able to select any other participant in the event for a sexual experience with him / her?

I think that in this post-emancipation time we are in now, all men and women have the same rights and where everything is possible. We are in a completely new situation where we have to redefine who has the say and who does what. For that reason, I believe that at the Castle events, neither sex is in charge. In any case, I have never seen a statistically significant imbalance in this regard. In my case, I believe that our dominant side is very strong. But also as an empathetic, dominant part I feel the needs of my partner and I want her to have at least as much fun as me. That's why I respect my partner's preferences and choice at least as much as my own. As a consequence, I believe that she always makes her first choice. Often, she then gives me a little clue or token, which I continue to ask for a meeting.


11. Could you describe a picture that you have in mind when you imagine your partner having sex with another person at one of these events?



12. Is there any non-verbal communication to initiate an experience with another man / woman? How is this happening?

I think that's actually going on as in "normal life": you see each other first, maybe meet in the bar, at the table or on the dance floor, trying to get your attention, and if that succeeds, you'll move on. Very easily!


13. What safety and hygiene rules are there at the Eyes Wide Shut Parties? Are they mandatory for each participant, or is it condoms for everyone to volunteer?

I appreciate that there are always enough condoms and often Kleenex available wherever they are needed. The last time in Berlin they were even discreetly brought in an envelope to our room before the party began. Even if there is no exact regulation for their use, it seems that at least to me, my partners and I think for almost all - always well-behaved - guests today, of course, when changing partners condom to use.


14. Will towels, condoms, special soaps, etc. be provided in any special way during the Eyes Wide Shut Party?

Since all the parties I've attended so far took place in gorgeous five-star hotels, which usually have these amenities, it is in some ways unnecessary to provide any special care here. Most of the guests stay overnight and can retreat to their rooms to freshen up. Personally, I've missed something like this on no one event.


15. What practices does Castleevents allow at the Eyes Wide Shut Parties? Anyone who is in touch with the world of BDSM, or even more extreme ones like Fisting? Are sex toys allowed at the meetings? Who sets the limits?

As far as I can remember, there is no "fixed" rule or limit as to what is exactly allowed and what is not. However, as we are all adults and aware of the legal situation in each country, I suppose that nobody would do any extreme things in public. All of the Eyes Wide Shut parties I have participated in have taken place in five-star hotels. There were plenty of "private rooms" where you can probably do whatever you want. This is completely private and is limited to the guests involved, either as a couple or with the "personal" guests. That Everything is possible behind closed doors, as in "normal life" too, I suppose. Personally, I've already used toys: balls of lust and remote controlled, vibrating balls of desire. This gave me an extra kick at the Eyes Wide Shut Party in Milan, where I participated with my ex-partner and her bisexual partner. Both had an egg-shaped vibrator, even during the dinner, but also later on the dance floor. I have the feeling that Castleevents tries to set as few limits as possible, because in a sense they are also experiences that expand their own borders. Thus, the possibilities would be limited to experiences with each border. But of course my freedom ends, as everywhere, where the freedom of my counterpart begins. It is about mutual consent and "good taste". When the latter disappears under the influence of alcohol, I have seen several times that the organizers and the security staff discreetly told the people concerned ....


16. If I ever go to one of these Eyes Wide Shut events, am I forced to have sex with someone, or can I just be a voyeur?

You are free to do that: You do not have to do anything you do not want and certainly you will not be forced to have sex! If you come as a couple, you can only watch - but not stare. I'm sure you know the difference well.


17. What relationships does Castleevents allow: heterosexual only or perhaps homosexual?

I have not seen any gay partners yet, but I participated in Milan with my ex-partner and her bisexual friend.


18. Have you ever had an unpleasant experience or have you been scared at any time? How would you describe your best experience?

Honestly, I had neither an unpleasant experience nor scared me. My best experience: Hm, hard to say which one it is .... At the last event in Berlin, however, a man with two women took part. One of them had fun in the bathtub with my partner, and the other did not get enough of him. So he asked me: Mastro Lorenzo, could you please do me a favor and help her to orgasm? How could I say no? After my partner and I agreed, I quickly went to the bathroom where she and the other girl were having fun. I also asked her if it was okay for her - and it was ok. So I accepted this beautiful gift and helped out as long as I could. All three were really great and beautiful people so we hope to see them again


19. Why is the number of female participants at these Eyes Wide Shut Parties always higher than the male ones?

Is he actually taller? I think that's not really the case, except maybe a few women more by men bringing the two women, and maybe some women who are part of the ceremony. And then maybe a few employees? I meant that you always have to register as a couple. But maybe women can actually sign up as individuals ....


20. The most important reference point for these parties is Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut" movie. Are the parties really like that? Are they dangerous in any way?

"Eyes Wide Shut" is actually the main reference point for Castleevents. And yes, the parties come pretty close to the movie, except that this scary and almost frightening, as you call it Dangerous, this feeling is not there, because it is not a lethal situation like in the movie, but one clear ceremony, a feast of the senses.


21. Do you find it annoying to hear that these Eyes Wide Shut Parties are pure orgies? How would you describe her?

There are certainly no pure orgies: they are a true feast of pleasure and the senses, sensual and erotic, but not cheap! And that's the difference to "cheap" orgies in some swinger clubs that I know. And well, I would not really be annoyed because I'm a really big free spirit. But I would like to discuss this point and explain the differences.


22. Would you say participating in these events means having a different lifestyle?

Oh yes, it certainly means that! It means that I allow myself a very free, liberal and alternative lifestyle! To extend the boundaries of a known, accepted and conventional lifestyle of a monogamous married life is certainly an advantage - and almost a yearning nowadays. I do not have to experience this every day, but 4 to 6 times a year, sometimes more often, it frees my mind and is the choice I have made for my life - together with my partner!


23. Is size important, or should not a male aspirant worry here?

Wow, this thing still seems to be a big myth. What I hear from all my friends and lovers is that it's not size, but technology that matters! I personally do not seem to have this problem - according to the feedbacks. But I'm sure: No, that does not matter!


24. Is it important to be sexually experienced?

I would say no - but of course it will never hurt! In addition, you will gain more sexual experiences through Castleevents. But as mentioned before, you can just come and watch the Eyes Wide Shut Party.


25. How long does your sexual experience take: just during the Eyes Wide Shut Party or do you go to your hotel room together afterwards?

I've experienced everything from a quickie at the party, either in one of the main rooms or in the bathroom, to longer experiences that lasted the entire night in the room. And I'm sure you could always come back to find new partners in the main halls, almost like an aquarium. There are certainly no pure orgies: they are a true feast of pleasure and senses, sensual and erotic, but not cheap! And that's the difference to "cheap" orgies in some swinger clubs that I know. And well, I would not really be annoyed because I'm a really big free spirit. But I would like to discuss this point and explain the differences.




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