Anna lives her fantasies at Castleevents and talkes about it exclusively at the Swiss television.

Since the age of 19 she is a regular visitor to Castleevents. Swiss television was allowed to interview you during one of these parties.

"Anna" is 26 years old and has been going to so-called "castle parties" since she was 19 years old. In an upscale atmosphere, there are sex parties. Who knows the movie Eyes Wide Shut, can imagine how such an evening at the castle looks like. The select circle of visitors meets in a historical setting, which serves as a mystical refuge from everyday life. In this episode, "Virus Voyage" reveals ways of life that otherwise seldom reach the surface of society.

"Anna" loves the luxury and lives out her fantasies at erotic castle parties.

Who does not feel like having a good glass of wine in illustrious society? Just relax, put on a mask and go to the whim with stunningly beautiful women and men in the box? You can have that. "Castleevents" organizes sophisticated erotic parties à la "Eyes Wide Shut". The only prerequisite for you is to be a hottie as well: the organizers first check your physical advantages before they are admitted to the illustrious group of participants. Fortunately, they not only value good-looking male guests, but also particularly attractive women. So if you have a cellulite fetish, you are wrong here. Just like friends of the rough gait - high-class behavior is as much a duty as the face mask. So do not worry, Mum does not know anything about her activities. Everyone is anonymous here.

Sex as a ritual -How one feels about it

The visitors first meet each other with masks and evening gowns. The evening is clearly structured, the whole process is a single ritual. "It's less scary than in the movie," says Anna. At the age of 19 she saw the movie "Eyes Wide Shut" for the first time and immediately felt drawn to this world.

«I'm excited that I'm meeting strangers at these parties»

 "The illusory world is Anna's erotic charm"


"Anna" pays around 1,000 francs for attending a party, often on her own, sometimes with a partner. The exciting thing about the events is that you appear with masks and so often go unnoticed until the end. "You often do not know what the man on the other side does in life, whether he is even famous or just a father and that's just the exciting thing."Report in German/ Swiss

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