Conduct code

The parties are not only unique because of the glamorous framework program and the perfect customer care, but also because of the reotic touch and the exquisite circle of participants.

The Eyes Wide Shut Parties of Castleevents are characterized not only by the perfectly coordinated supporting program, but also the exclusivity of the participants. Like-minded people from all over the world have the opportunity to get to know each other better at the events of Castleevents in a relaxed, erotic and mysterious atmosphere and spend a wonderful evening together. All members commit to a respectful togetherness by attending an Eyes Wide Shut Party. Abusive, irreverent or even discriminatory statements and acts of any kind are immediately suppressed and severely punished. To ensure the respectful handling of events, the well-trained, specially trained security team at Castleevents is responsible. Especially for the ladies it is usually a big step to go to erotic events, which is why at the Eyes Wide Shut parties utmost importance is placed on the well-being and safety of the female participants. Each participant is free in their decisions throughout the event and can maintain their personal boundaries. Our team attaches importance to meeting participants' individual needs in a casual, friendly atmosphere.

Equally important to the creators of Castleevents is the anonymity of its members. In order to preserve these, it is obligatory for all visitors to cover themselves with a mask and in part also with a cape. In particular, the veiling takes place during the ceremony that marks the transition to the erotic world. The in-house shop offers handmade Venetian masks and fine capes made of the finest materials for hire or purchase. Castleevents always pays attention to the quality and hygiene of the individual items. In the online portal, the identity is protected by an encrypted connection and separate security measures. For example, members are not allowed to publish naked face photos. Wearing a mask is compulsory on the profile picture, whereby each member can set the privacy settings individually and thus determine which member gets to see which pictures. The participants of the Eyes Wide Shut Parties are also strictly prohibited from disclosing information about the party events, the venues, information about other members and other sensitive information to third parties. An offense draws an exclusion of future events and a criminal investigation. Similarly, conducting research is prohibited and reported to community leaders. Suspicious members will be reviewed, and exclusion and other measures may be expected.


For the participants in the events of Castleevents, there is the opportunity to get to know each other in advance and to make and maintain contacts. This opportunity is especially interesting for singles, as they may find in the online community the perfect accompaniment for the Eyes Wide Shut parties. It should be mentioned that it is reserved for ladies only to show up at a Castleevent event alone. The gentlemen, however, are always dependent on a female companion. The platform offers prospects some opportunities to contact, depending on their membership status. Premium members are honored in the forum and wear an exclusive ring in real life that embodies their membership in the elite of Castleevents.


Due to the anonymity granted to the participants of the Eyes Wide Shut Parties, the privacy of the guests remains untouched. This inviolability is maintained by the individual determination of privacy settings in the online area. Castleevents attaches great importance to an informal and respectful togetherness, with the personal limits of the individual in the foreground. Due to the obligatory masking by the wearing of exquisite Venetian masks, Castleevents can offer its visitors a feast for the senses, which takes place under highest regard of discretion.


Especially towards female participants, respectful interaction is not only a matter of course, but also mandatory. Castleevents wants to give the ladies an equally dedicated and exclusive event and is committed to maintaining their wellbeing. For this reason, full respect and unconditional respect are the duty of every gentleman. Likewise, it is forbidden to behave aggressively or maliciously towards other members and to provoke quarrels. Corresponding behavior is not tolerated by the operator and punished accordingly. The unrestricted adherence to the dress code is in the eyes of the Castleevents operators as a matter of respect and shows the seriousness of the participants and the real interest in the events. Those who do not stick to the dress code not only presumably destroy the luxury and exclusivity of the event, but also endanger the privacy of the other participants. Since the exuberance and devotion achieved at the Eyes Wide Shut parties are based to a large extent on respectful togetherness, such behavior is the condition for attending the event.


Castleevents is famous for exclusive parties celebrated in erotic, sensual surroundings. To achieve this, the organizers shy away from neither effort nor expense. The Eyes Wide Shut Parties always take place in selected locations, to which only a handful of people, the elite so to speak, have access. In order to maintain the high standards, Castleevents is consistently against any rule violations. Failure to comply with these rules will not only lead to immediate exclusion from the event, but also to exclusion from the community and, where appropriate, to prosecution.


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