Venetian Masks

A playful roll behind the mask

"To enjoy freedom far from social constraints and norms and to let the boundaries between fantasy and reality flow away." - This was already the meaning of Venetian masks in the Middle Ages. At that time they were used to disguise their own identity, to celebrate once a year during carnival excessive, often erotic festivals, without having to pay attention to etiquette or affiliation. Castle Events took advantage of this idea as well, with the Venetian masks not only being used for the Eyes Wide Shut parties for the concealment and the accompanying anonymization of the guests. By wearing the famous half-masks, which are perfect for talking and dining, as the mouth area remains open, a mythical atmosphere is created. After check-in, the masks can be borrowed or purchased from the in-house shop. Castle Events offers its guests a wide range of different styles, colors and materials. Of course, the highest value is placed on quality and hygiene, which is why the guests can safely choose the copy that suits them best.

Feathered mask

Especially with the indigenous cultures of North and South America, the Indians, Aztecs and the Incas, feather headdress was highly regarded. The arrangement of the feathers, the size and color of the headdress were of utmost importance and symbolized the social status of the wearer. Feathers had to be earned, which is why such jewelry was worn almost exclusively by chiefs and members with a particularly high position in the respective society. In order to emphasize the individuality of each guest in the best possible way, Castle Events offers various masks for rental and sale. These include exclusive feather masks, which are decorated with filigree details and represent a real gem in the shop. In their production, attention is paid to the use of the best materials and to the highest quality of workmanship. This makes the luxurious feather masks a real eye-catcher, even on the fancy Eyes Wide Shut parties.

Featherless mask

Most guests of the Castle Events opt for a featherless mask, as this version not only looks elegant but is also very comfortable and practical. The most famous and widely used featherless Venetian mask is the Colombina. Although this mask covers the major parts of the face, it does not have to be removed while eating or speaking. Especially in the film industry, the directors usually take the Colombina to emphasize the pomp and erotic devotion during the Carnival in Venice. One of the most famous wearers of such a Venetian mask is undoubtedly Casanova, the charming heartbreaker and multiple movie hero.

Leather mask

The production of a leather mask requires a lot of skill and sensitivity, as the material must not lose its shape even after repeated wearing. For this reason, Castle Events runs a manufactory in Spain, where the best artists can demonstrate their skills using the finest fabrics. Leather masks are very comfortable, adapt perfectly to the contours of the face and are in great demand at the Castle events. A great advantage of leather masks is that they look classic and elegant and still combine well with the majority of clothing.

Empty spring mask

Feather head jewelry is known to us mainly by the Indians and the high cultures of the Incas and Aztecs, feather head jewelry symbolizes here the status within the tribe or the people. The arrangement, the drawing and the color of the feathers reveal the merits especially of warriors and tribal leaders. Feather head jewelry could therefore only be worn by people who had "earned". From this derivation conclusions can be drawn about the special effect of the feather decoration in Venetian masks: feathers are an expression of the social position and as a special power and recognition.

Metal mask

The delicate handmade work with the filigree metal ribs are as impressive as the ornaments with rhinestones, with feathers or with striking fabrics. We especially want to highlight the asymmetrically designed masks, they look particularly refined and extravagant. Swarovski stones decorated mask will fulfill your secret desires.

Full mask

The most well-known full mask is the "Bauta", which also has its origin in medieval Italy. This classic white mask is worn by women and men alike and covers the whole face. Although the Bauta is a full mask, you can dine with her due to the pronounced chin part. This mask ensures absolute anonymity and is predominantly white, with some fine gold ornaments.


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