In the castle of pleasure

Six times a year, a Swiss organizes erotic parties throughout Europe. Castles and luxury hotels are rented for the events. Recently the friends of frivolous sociability met in Prague.

Only the masks do not fall, at the wildest party in Europe.

Andrej tries to keep his bearings in tower room number 501. Everywhere people are around, some without pants or skirt, but all with Venetian masks. On the bed in the turmoil of intertwined bodies moans a woman. Andrej discreetly removes champagne glasses from the dressers. "I do not want any shards here," he whispers, almost stumbling over two high heels on the floor. But actually the Aargauer, who simultaneously gives the master and castle master in this Prague night, has completely different worries. It happened when the fireworks burned down. A rocket got stuck in the snow. Andrej was in the immediate vicinity. The result: watery eyes and a sudden loss of hearing. He has been dizzy for hours. One of the guests, a doctor from Monaco, ordered him bed rest and plenty of water. And in any case, he should consult a specialist the next day. But Andrej can not rest now. It's two o'clock in the morning, the tower room is running hot, and downstairs on the first floor, where a DJ lights up the 13th-century ballroom with music, the initial restraint is said to have long been discarded. It is said that even the dressy tycoon from Canada, who had flown in with a big entourage and private jet and had given the Swiss organizer his extra wishes for the first outbreak of sweat at the beginning of the evening, has long been a good member of the pack.

Increase of pleasure

For five years Andrej has organized the Castleevents. He does this very successfully. He's hosting a party somewhere in Europe every other month. The Swiss rents whole castles or five-star hotels, carts everything from the sofa to the drinks themselves and puts a few well-formed girls behind the bar, of course, each with a mask. Because the obscuring of the face is the top priority for guests and employees. It is part of the concept. The veiling should contribute to the tingling sensation of the forbidden and lead to what is actually spent here for money: to increase the desire. Andrej has a visual template for his events, which probably every guest carries in mind over the threshold - Stanley Kubrick's film "Eyes Wide Shut". Tom Cruise plays a doctor there who gets lost in a mysterious, sophisticated party. While in the salon next door masked people have sex, the curious intruder in the main hall of the castle almost lost his life. Kubrick's literary adaptation, however, addresses more than just life-threatening group sex. Because at home sits his wife - the beautiful Nicole Kidman - and ponders about their own relationship, which has set after years of dust. The film has made millions impression and not a few couples feed the search engines with the name of the film. All then land safely at Andrej. The former programmer is at the top of the search results.

The digital trick is the most important element of its success. Central is also the strict procedure for the selection of the guests. Andrej picks out each one personally with his partner. If you want to be part of Castleevents you have to submit a CV and photos. This guarantees a certain standard of aesthetics, explains Andrej. A guest will express it more pointedly at a late hour and speak of - thank God - missing "buff swing-look“. Hours before the rocket mauling, Andrej stands at the reception and briefs the hotel staff. They will serve the five courses of the dinner and then go home. Only a young man will remain, who is instructed not to leave the reception at any time, but under no circumstances and to climb the spiral staircases to the ballroom.

Suddenly, a German Swiss in the entrance area causes a commotion. The man appeared without an invitation and, even worse, without a female companion. "You do not get in here like that," Andrey tells him firmly. surprisingly obedient, the man in a tuxedo climbs into the taxi and leads away. Shortly before midnight, the guest will appear again, this time with a long-legged blonde. The appearance of the guest, who rises from a white stretch limousine a little later, is much more difficult for the organizer. The Canadian has an invitation and also a female companion, even three of them. But he wants to take along with his two assistants and his personal documentarist to the festival. "No way," replies Andrej to the stunned billionaire. He obviously does not have to listen to many arguments in his life. Finally, they agree on a souvenir photo in the entrance area, then the group disappears over the spiral staircase and joins the dinierenden guests. You have already reached gear number four, pike-perch fillet with potato gratin on a bed of winter vegetables.

Young Zurich banker

The fireworks are long gone when a young Zurich banker breaks the ice with his girlfriend in Tower Room 501. The lesbian couple from Berlin also starts to relax. They had previously complained about the missing single men and regretted their participation already. But now it gets down to business. But late at night, not only the zippers open, but also the ghosts. The sparkling wine and sex meanwhile have also made the doctor talkative: "Since my wife and I have received the O. K. from Switzerland, we are like under electricity. Since then, it has been completely different in bed. Today we want to watch and interact with each other. "The financial expert from Zurich explains:" I have a girlfriend. But I want to live my life, miss nothing. I can do that here.» Meanwhile, the Canadian billionaire is taking part in the action. His movements are rather apathetic. The man who recently bought his own island will grumble a little later as he walks out from under his mask: "God, I like that party," and disappear into his room alone. His three companions do not notice his absence, as they have long since turned their attention to two well-built men.

Andrej is already clearing at this time. He will be in Switzerland only by a doctor in the ears look. Two-thirds of all people with such a hearing loss would be perfectly well again, he explains. The rest, however, bears lasting damage.

from Yann Cherix

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