I loved them all -Pedro H. Husson

We sat at a table in the back of the restaurant and ordered something. There were few people on that side of the premises, only a group of six people. Waiting for the food, O. slipped under the table, opened my pants and started giving me a blowjob. I was nervous, afraid that someone could see us, and looking around I noticed that a woman from the group was watching us. She understood exactly what was happening and fixed my gaze with a smile. We had our eyes connected while O. continued her activity.

L. was interested in the BDSM world. I organized a night in a luxury dungeon. An incredible place created by two amateurs. A large modern apartment, the best materials, all the assembly sketched especially for BDSM, made to measure, multimedia facilities -Exceptional. When L. arrived, I asked her to undress, I put a necklace on her and I took her to the room that was called Teatro. Closed curtains hid the stage, soft music and low light created a sensual atmosphere. The curtains parted in half, showing the large projection of a bondage photo of a tied and hung woman that Blow Job Girl really liked. Smoke began to emerge through the opening of the curtains that now opened completely. In the mist, a woman with black hair, corset and high boots rose from a throne and approached slowly. It was Jasmine, a very nice woman, kind, with an angel's smile, who worked as a mistress. I passed the chain and with it the control over L .. A game was developed in three, L. tied, Jasmine to the control and I his assistant. J. was great. His mix of sweet, innocent and tormenting angel was unique. L. fell in love with her. Despite not wanting to leave traces, L. was marked for 10 days ...

When we went out to have a drink and to eat later, I gave him a little toy, an egg-shaped vibrator with remote control, which I kept in my possession. I asked him to lay the egg and all afternoon I continued to manipulate the vibration and his pleasure ... When we finally arrived at the hotel, S. was so wet and horny that she almost raped me in the elevator. Approaching the room began to grope me, so I threw her against the wall, I opened her coat, I lifted the mini-skirt, I removed the thong, I ate a little while and started to fuck her standing, hard blows, having one leg up and one hand under her blouse ...
When we left the next day, the concierge said in a low voice, clearing his throat: sir, I want you to know that we have video surveillance in this hotel ...

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